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A few reviews from my clients about Bowen

Karen (Knee and Hip pain)

Thank you Kay for the relief that your Bowen treatment has brought to me.  I was familiar with Bowen from several years ago in another country and sought it out again after a knee pain and hip condition united to give me problems.

From going up and down the stairs with a leading leg and one step at a time, I can now go up and down in the usual manner and pain free.  I have also had a couple of outings to my favourite hobby which is dancing.


I completely echo the words of Helen below and thank you so much for helping my legs work and my spirits lift as the year progresses.

Helen (Hip, Knee Pain and Leg Cramps)

I was introduced to Bowen by Kay in September 2018.  At that time, I was experiencing pain in my right hip and knee and also painful muscle cramps in both legs whenever I walked too far or when I exercised.  After a short course of weekly Bowen Therapy sessions the pain (and cramps) settled down.  Since then, I have had 'top up' sessions as needed and now I rarely, if ever, have hip or knee pain or cramps.

But the benefits of Bowen for me have been much more than pain relief.  Kay's sessions are relaxing and restorative and I always come away with a greater sense of calmness and wellbeing.  I've also found it really helpful to have the opportunity to discuss, and reflect on, all those aches, pains, stresses and strains that are part of everyday life, with a knowledgeable practitioner in such a comfortable and supportive environment.

Anne (Sciatica, Shoulder Pain)

I had pain in my thigh from sciatica, which would flare up and make it difficult for me to sit for a long time and also stopped me from sleeping well.  After treatment from Kay, I have had no sciatica pain at all.  She also helped me with the pain in my shoulder joint from a bad break.  I would recommend her and Bowen to anybody!

Rose (Back Pain)

I found Kay who treated me for ongoing back pain.  This treatment is holistic and Kay was a great therapist. Treatment was amazing, Kay was friendly, approachable and professional.  I would highly recommend.

Chanda (Tennis Elbow)

I suffered with tennis elbow and had loads of physio on it but it was not working.  But a couple of sessions with Kay and it was cured.  It was like magic!!!

Jilly (Back Pain, General Well-being)

Having suffered a back injury in 1994 resulting in two broad brace disc bulges which has left me with instability problems in my lower spine and I can say that I always seem to be in some kind of pain constantly.


As well as finding myself at times “pain free” after receiving Bowen, which is a first for me! I find that the whole experience is one of relaxation and quite a top up on the well-being effect, feeling calmer and in better physical and mental health and I can honestly say that I look forward to my sessions and love the results that Bowen has given me.


I would definitely recommend Bowen to anyone and I would like to take this opportunity to thank Kay for all she has done for me.  Kay is such a lovely person, who immediately puts you at ease and who makes the whole experience of Bowen, a lovely calm place to be.

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